Health & Safety

Safecontractor & Firemac Accredited.
We value our employees, the people that work on our behalf and know that it is their hard work which our customers value and it is important to us and to our business that our people go home in the same condition as they arrived.

We have worked with our managers, supervisors, fitters, workshop and office staff to bring in a culture where our people understand the precautions we have in place, why they are there, how they can gain support and that if it’s not safe, then don’t do it.

We undertake regular health and safety update sessions such as tool box talks and refresher training with our fitters and our workshop operatives so that we can re-enforce the positive culture and remind our people of our health and safety standards.

We care about our people and as part of this we listen, learn and adapt our management system and bring in new methods of working to make our work safer, more efficient and better for our people and our customers.

Health and safety can be dynamic and to keep up to date with new ideas, changes in legislation and new practices we take a proactive approach by checking on what others in the industry are doing, reviewing our procedures and processes to the changes and providing training and information our managers and people.

We have gained accreditation with Safecontractor and review it annually which is proof that we are maintaining basic health and safety standards in the industry. This helps ensure that we can keep on top of basic health and safety standards and reduce the time that our customers need to spend on evaluating our procedures.

We have also gained awards from our customers for our positive health and safety performance; for example, Contractor of the Month.

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